In case anyone isn’t aware, gksudo its a command that you can run in order to run any application as root. For instance you need to run synaptic as root. To do so from dmenu or any other application launcher just type gksudo synaptic.

I recently gave another tiling window manager a try I found it to be a bit better than AwesomeWM because the default keys all use the Meta key and the default setup was close to vim. Its very highly and easy to configure too.

You have got to try It lets you navigate the web similarly to how you would navigate vim with the easymotion plugin.

TMUX is a great terminal multiplexer to keep all your terminals in. I prefer to use this over the WM to manager terminals because it has a copy mode and I can use the same environment if I have to remote ssh.

There are a few things I would like to change to make things better…more EasyMotion! For i3 I usually setup my windows and hardly open new ones. If I do its temporary and closed shortly. So basically for i3 I just need better window navigation. The navigation is decent, but it can be better. I was thinking you press Meta-i lets say, and it pops up a OSX-like mission control with all the windows and assigns keys to each window to grab focus. This would require 2 keystrokes rather than moving up, down, left, right.

Also, it would be great to have EasyMotion available right away in TMUX’s copy mode. Normally there is some token of text I want to copy to the command line from some logs/command. So I have to Ctrl-a, [, (move to the beginning of the token I want using multiple j,k,b,w keys, press v (to start copy) hit w to go to the end of the token, hit h to go back one character because it goes to the next line for some reason, not finished yet...hit y, then paste with ctrl-a, ]. Whew! That’s a lot, its so much easier to use a mouse and double click on the text to copy and middle click to paste. It would be a lot easier if I could hit ctrl-a, [ to go into copy mode and have easy motion keys at the beginning of each token, hit whatever keys to start the copy, after selected it goes in ‘to’ mode and lists more easy motion keys to select where you want the copy to end. Copying and pasting from the buffer would be so much easier than it is currently. A copy paste would be something like. Ctrl-a, [, f, q.

I’ll be doing some research and post what I find. Stay tuned!

You can follow my dotfiles here

After using linux for years now I find myself rarely needing to use the mouse except for moving windows around, giving them focus, resizing them, etc. I decided to evaluate a bunch of tiling windows managers.

The best one I found was awesome. Literally, that’s its name.

Basically I wanted something with a notification area, tell me which desktop desktop I am on and a systray area.

Awesome is great because it uses the Mod (Windows) key to perform all window based operations like to cycle through windows layouts by just pressing Mod+Space. Using the windows key is great because it doesn’t get in the way of other hot keys in programs like IntelliJ. This is great because I don’t have to customize everything manually. The defaults seem fine so far.

It supports D-Bus, pango, XRandR, Xinerama which is pretty sweet. Its definitely fast and there are TONS of tips on their wiki to customize it anyway you like.

I’m even starting to browse the web with just a keyboard. I’m not sure how I like it yet. I normally use my mouse as a speed reading guide, dragging it down the page. Then I’m usually close to a link I want to click. This may be faster than pressing ctrl+f, typing the name of the link, hitting escaping, then enter.

When you want to use Jersey’s GuiceContainer to serve requests at the root of your web application and still want to make sure your static resources are being passed through to the servlet container to be served make sure you add the following to your setup. NOTE, you have to use the GuiceContainer as a filter if you want to use PROPERTY_WEB_PAGE_CONTENT_REGEX.



ImmutableMap.of(JSONConfiguration.FEATURE_POJO_MAPPING, “true”,



Been playing around with Google’s Go Lang. Here is something I wasn’t able to figure out obviously.

When marshaling with json only exported fields are encoded. Exported fields in a struct must start with a capital letter. If you want to rename the field and have it be exported. It must be done like so.

type Auth struct {

UserId int “userId”

Comment string “comment”


a := Auth{UserId: 52, Comment: “notes about auth”}

b, err := json.Marshal(a)

After searching through all the travel websites and deciding on what flight and hotel I wanted to take to Vegas I found some great deals. Tropicana was running some great promotions because they are revamping all their rooms and are under new management. I found the best deal I could online and then decided to call and see if I could get a better one. Because I was planning on staying a week, they said they could give me another free day on top of the deal.

Just goes to show you the difference one phone call can make.

My team, Data Dough, won a mentorship with an incubator Noiz Ivy!

Our presentation

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