Optimize Your Amazon Reward Savings

Wed 23 May 2018

If you don't have Amazon Prime you should check it out, not only do you get free delivery, but you get music, movies and books. There is a Visa card and a store card where the amount of rewards differ based on a few things, but if you have Prime and the Visa or Store card you can get 5% credit on your amazon.com purchases.

How do you optimize your saving even further? Simple, save your rewards for purchases greater than $149. From the website "On orders less than $149 on Amazon.com, automatically earn 5% back every day as a statement credit" Since you cannot earn 5% back on order greater than $149 it will end up saving you more money.

Let's say you have $50 in rewards and you plan on buying items that cost $20, $20 and $200.

If you were to use the rewards for the $20 items you won't receive 5% back.

50 - 20 - 20 - 200 = You end up spending $190

Now if you were to spend the rewards on the $200 item first you'll then receive 5% back on the smaller purchases.

50 - 200 - (20 * 0.95) - (20 * 0.95) = $188

A savings of $2 !!! It's not a lot, but it's simple savings, just by prioritizing large purchases with rewards.